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ULTRABALL: Ultimate experience

The Ultraball is double-sectioned, with one ball inside the other with an air layer between enabling the user to move like in a three-dimensional aero wheel. The ball is made of premium polyurethane (platilon UF3) which is among the most tear-resistant materials. You can use the Ultraball for thrilling competitions at which every viewer can try this ultimate experience and compete with other viewers.

The ball and the stage of field are branded with the trademark of your brand bringing the media’s focus on your brand. Ultraball Walk: Ultraball Walk is a unique possibility for both the young and the old to experience the Ultraball- either indoor or outside.

Ultraball Walk is a unique possibility

The Ultraball will fulfill its role of being an eye catcher and attract many people who want to try or watch it.

Fixed Ultraball: The participant has to try to follow the movements of the Ultraball and not fall.

Ultraball Stunt: Viewers and media representatives will definitely be amazed when looking up the waterfall, river, sand dune, slope or lake to see stuntmen moving the Ultraball from the inside of the ball and doing their fascinating choreography.

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Our video example of Ultraball can be seen below.

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