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About Us




Eh Showbox GmbH manages your event and makes sure that sequence of actions, shows and speeches fit perfectly. Further more eh shwobox can coache you or help to create the right concept for your event.

Sticking to the budget we work with our hole creativity and experience. Of course eh-showbox does not only planning and execution, further more eh-shobox takes care of the controlling. Thus eh-showbox offers you the possibility to focus on the message of our event.
Contact eh-showbox ceo Etienne Herr for more information.

Our philosophy

etienne_herr_portrait_01The EH-Showbox GmbH performs with a passion!
The balanced interplay between our values defined forms for us the foundation of our work as a top service provider.



Among our core values:

• assume responsibility for each other
• honesty and sincerity live
• Building trust, promote and maintain
• Mutual respect and a careful dealing with each other
• Loyalty
• Openness is continuously refined

Our philosophy committed to professionalism in dealing with each other and in dealing with you, our customers, business and network partners.